Reputation Props: Winter Olympians

We often hear criticism of organizations and people who have damaged their reputation. Perhaps it is a commentary on our culture, but we rarely offer applause for those who are doing it right. That changes today. Every Wednesday The Fosbury Flop will give props to one organization that is successfully managing its reputation.

Today I’m recognizing Olympic athletes. Cliché? Perhaps. But these men and women are representing their nations with honor and pride, and their spirit is an inspiration to sports fans the world over. This winter’s Olympians are not only demonstrating the peak of athleticism, but also sportsmanship.

I am the first to admit my anxiety about Germany having one more medal than the U.S. And I am compulsive about checking NBC’s medal count. But regardless of which country is competing, I cannot tear myself away. Sure, I was disappointed to see Lindsey Jacobellis go through a gate instead of around it during the snowboard cross semifinals last night, but I was also excited to see Canada’s Maelle Ricker take home the gold.

We can all take a page from these athletes. They have become friends not only with their countrymen, but with their foreign competitors. Representative of the sentiment among many Olympians, ice dancer Meryl Davis has said that “just because you compete against someone doesn’t mean you don’t like them anymore.” Something we should all keep in mind as we work and play.

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