Family Meals – A Necessary Tool

A few months ago, I decided that I needed to give my wallet (and my waistline) a rest from dining almost nightly on “home cooked meals” served by a stranger at a table that was not in my own little apartment.  The best way for me to do this was to simply cook more at home.  Boring, IMHO, but in order to keep this seemingly easy promise to myself, I knew that I needed the support of my colleagues.  I decided that each Friday I would ask a colleague to send me a recipe that was easy to share with a group, economical and tasty.  Twenty minutes after I sent the email out with my idea “Margaret Mondays” was born.  Finally, a good reason to come to work on Monday.

I enjoy cooking.  In fact, this past Christmas, I received brand new cooking utensils (thank you, Kohl’s for having a great holiday sale!) and I’m slowly exploring new recipes for my colleagues and, at the same time, my pantry (well, cabinet) is filling up with “the basics” that every kitchen needs. I no longer need to run to the grocer for every little thing – hurrah!  And what a difference a set of proper cookware makes!  It’s all about having the proper tools… for everything in life.

The best part of Margaret Mondays is the lunch break we all take together in the conference room to share a meal and chat.  Topics run the gamut from weekend recaps and Max’s first steps to the reality show Bridezilla (yikes!).  Sprinkled in with fun chatter and laughter is a dollop of client and company discussion.  It just sort of happens and we run with it.  There is nothing better than an impromptu client brainstorm over a bowl of turkey chili.  Ideas flow and at the end of our Margaret Monday lunch, we all have a new recipe for our kitchens… and possibly a new recipe for success with our clients.

I’ll post our Margaret Monday recipes (edible and actionable) each week – perhaps I can get my fellow Floppers to start a Fosbury Flop cookbook…. hmmmm.

This week’s luncheon was a bit on the “heavy side,” but we all need a dose of cheesy goodness in dreary February.  Thanks, Giada DeLaurentiis, for sharing the secrets to your decadent butternut squash lasagna. A keeper for sure!  Though we might need a brisk walk around the Boston Public Gardens now… well, maybe next week.

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  1. SarahGerrol says:

    Boy do we loooooove Margaret Mondays! Deeelish!

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