Child’s Play and the FAA’s Reputation

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You’ve probably heard about the air traffic controller who allowed his two children to radio instructions to pilots at New York’s JFK Airport in mid-February.  In an interview with TODAY, Mark Rosenker, former chairman, National Transportation Safety Board, called it “shocking and egregious,” and supports the FAA’s decision to suspend the controller and his supervisor pending an investigation into the matter. 

On the other side of the runway, the Associated Press spoke with pilot and founder of,an air traffic control broadcasting website,  Dave Pascoe, who said he was “sickened at the thought that the controller could be disciplined” and that the situation was blown completely out of proportion. 

As the debate rages on as to whether the FAA’s actions are warranted or an overreaction, what we Fosbury Floppers want to know is how this will impact the FAA’s sometimes tenuous reputation. 

Readers, what do YOU think?  Please take our poll, below!

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