The World Knows Tiger “A Lot Better Now”

Sunday, Tiger Woods took questions from reporters (ESPN, The Golf Channel), finally breaking his silence since his infidelity became front-page news in December.

Will the public forgive Tiger? Will he regain the high esteem in which he was once held? If Tiger maintains his remorse and demonstrates that there is substance behind his words, I believe people will forgive him and he will once again be a favorite. Human nature looks for the good in things; human nature looks for an excuse, a way, to forgive. While repulsive, these transgressions have humanized Tiger for many.

Tiger’s playing his cards right. He stepped out of the spotlight for four months, sending the message that he took his infidelity and disreputable behavior seriously. Now, in his first interviews, his tone is filled with regret, and he is humble.

In his words, “I saw a person I never thought I’d become. I got away from my core values… I felt entitled. That’s not how I was raised… I am as disappointed as everyone else in my behavior.” He talks about letting people down, about his lowest points – facing his wife and mother, going in and out of treatment. He is “nervous” about his reception from fans.

Tiger has followed the number one golden rule in a crisis: apologize. And not just any apology will do – it must be heartfelt and appropriate; Tiger’s is both. The question is: Is it sincere? I think people will want to believe that it is. We’ll see what his reception’s like at Augusta National – if he receives the “few claps” he’s hoping for.

After watching Tiger’s interview, will you forgive him?

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