Queen of The Night

When you think of a woman who has made Reputation 101 a science, who do you think of?

Well, I think of Oprah. However, today I want to discuss the fine line that separates a well-educated and confident reputation and a reputation that is stuck in the narrow, can-do-no-wrong tunnel. Because let’s make one thing clear: no reputation is untouchable.

Oprah will announce her intention to host a nighttime show (aptly named “Oprah’s Next Chapter”) on her new cable network Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). A joint venture between Harpo Inc. and Discovery Communication, the show will feature Oprah (shocking) conducting global interviews.

For nearly 25 years, Oprah fans have diligently cleared their calendars for the four o’clock hour (or, at the very least, DVR’ed it to watch later), but I, and many others, are beginning to question whether Oprah can compete with the likes of NBC’s Biggest Loser or CBS’s Undercover Boss.

The Divine Ms. Winfrey is taking a huge calculated risk (reportedly $100M) by putting her name and hard-earned brand on every venture she promotes. What if Oprah’s “Next Chapter” fails? Do we close the book? What if her Fosbury Flop flops, and her appeal doesn’t translate into nighttime television? Will her reputation suffer irreparable damage? Or will she quickly move on to her next successful venture?

What do you think readers?

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