If You Build It, They Will Come

When I think about a company that deserves props, Google is one of the first to come to mind. It seems obvious, because Google’s everywhere. But that’s just it. It’s everywhere, used by everyone, for nearly every conceivable function – photos, documents, e-mail, social networking, news, Web searches… You name it, Google does it.

This week, Google introduced new features for Google Docs, an online alternative to Microsoft Office. According to Fast Company, Microsoft should be worried. Real-time collaboration is the biggest change. The updated Google Docs features a document-style layout with a sidebar that allows you to track changes, add comments and talk with co-workers as you edit. And editing is in real-time, so users see feedback instantaneously or “character-by-character” as Google refers to it.

What’s next? According to TechCrunch, Google plans to expand Cloud computing services. At a roundtable discussion earlier this week, Google executives discussed giving developers new access to Google technology like Google Translate, which would enable them to translate Web pages and e-mails almost instantly, and pretty accurately.

Oh, and by the way, yesterday Google unveiled a 3-D New York City in Google Earth. Check out the video here.


Google’s stock is up more than $200 in the past year. So, the question is, can Google sustain this? Will it maintain its stellar reputation as an innovator and thought leader? Let me know what you think.

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