Chavez & Job Stress, Baseball & Oprah…

This has been quite a week in the reputation communications world.  From politics to sports, celebrities to employment, we’ve certainly been buzzing this week!  Here are four stories that really got me thinking…

Stop the (Virtual) Presses… Hugo Chavez Tweets!
Both the Twitterverse and traditional media were abuzz this week with news that “el presidente,” Hugo Chavez, now tweets!  The Venezuelan president has never been known for brevity, but with the adoption of this social media tool, he will have to get his messages across in just 140 characters.  As NPR’s Renee Montagne stated, “Presumably he’s now thinking, if you can’t beat them, tweet them.” 

Thus far, Chavez has only sent two tweets, neither of which are particularly bold, but what he’ll say in the future to his over 130,000 online followers remains to be seen.  For now we know that he only follows five other tweeters: @reflexionfidel, @correoorinoco, @TareckPSUV, @dcabellor and @PartidoPSUV… and that he probably won’t be following folks like @BARACKOBAMA anytime soon.

Time to Make Massages Part of the Standard Benefits Package… recently released its 2010 Jobs Rated Report to mixed reviews.  While actuaries were ranked best job in 2010, the most stressful job, according to this report, belongs to firemen.  Interestingly, our chosen profession at Morrissey & Company ranks eighth most stressful.  That’s right; your friendly neighborhood PR practitioner may just be stuck under a rain cloud of stress… In fact, we reportedly endure more stress than advertising account executives and real estate agents, but less stress than senior executives, taxi drivers, surgeons, police officers, commercial pilots and highway patrol officers.  Hint to our boss-man, Peter Morrissey: it may be time to include massages in our benefits package!    

Baseball Fans Hate… the Cleveland Indians?
In an article in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal, David Biderman revealed that the most hated team in baseball (according to an algorithm developed by Nielsen Co. that ranks online sentiment) is… the Cleveland Indians?  That just doesn’t sound right.  The Boston Red Sox are the second most hated, while the New York Yankees are only the fifth most despised.  Frankly, if I was a member of the Steinbrenner clan, I’d be a little concerned about this lackluster performance.  Then again, if we really analyze the survey, what it really ranks is the number of outspoken fans with the ability, drive and time to post their opinions online, so… Go Red Sox!

Oprah Takes a Stand!
This morning (thanks to the very important work of my client, Safe Roads Alliance) I was lucky enough to attend the Boston rally for Oprah’s No Phone Zone campaign.  As one of the most powerful people in the world, when Oprah takes a stand on an issue, other people start feeling passionate too.  Oprah used her incredible influence to send the message that we can make the difference.  That each of us has the power to save lives and prevent disaster by simply stowing away our phones when we’re behind the wheel.  I signed the pledge, and encourage you to do so as well at: 

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