Reputation Tools: The Morrissey & Company Bikes

For years, Morrissey & Company’s fearless leader, Peter, has encouraged his employees to ride our company bikes to client meetings or on leisurely errands. Well, I’m pleased to announce that yesterday Peter and I put the bikes to good use as Morrissey & Company’s latest reputation tool.

I have lived in Boston for five years and am embarrassed to say this was my first time to ride a bike in our fair city. The occasion? Our monthly BU Sustainability meeting. It seemed only fitting that we skip the car and venture down Beacon St. on these two-wheeled contraptions.

The good news: I survived. The bad news: just barely. If you have ever had the privilege of driving with Peter, you would know that not all traffic laws apply to him, they are merely suggestions. Peter also applies this risk-taking behavior to bike riding. Roll through red lights? Check. Cross three lanes of traffic on Mass Ave without looking? Check. Get Peter’s biking words of wisdom when you’re five minute from your final destination? Check.  Here’s a little taste of our trek yesterday…

The Adventures of Bonnie and Clyde: Sustainability Edition.

[wpvideo yiGbcvMO]

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One Response to Reputation Tools: The Morrissey & Company Bikes

  1. Margaret Brady says:

    Next tool to master — hand signals for Mr. Morrissey. Best part is that you both made it to Boston University in EIGHT minutes. I would have spent five minutes hailing a cab, begging the driver to NOT take Beacon, and I’d still be late. Cheers to you and PM.

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