iPad to OR Three – Stat

It’s been one of those days.  Maybe it’s the weather.  Perhaps it’s the fact that it is going to storm soon – right in time for our rooftop Flopper Fiesta.  The fact that I have also used the word gall bladder, hysterectomy, appendectomy and belly button no fewer than 300 times in conversations today could also add to the lack of “Flopper wisdom” I’m feeling.

I was close to going over the high jump facing the “old way,” when a colleague sent me this update from the Huffington Post – ” iPad Surgery VIDEO: Watch Doctors Use iPad During Procedure .  Well, it looks like I can add the word iPad to my growing list of surgical terminology.

 I have to admit that I am pretty impressed with the team of surgeons at Japan’s Kobe University.  I’m not a surgical expert – yet – and I don’t think that I will ever master Japanese, but it looks like the surgeons are using the iPad as a small – yet powerful – monitor during surgery.  The iPad has the ability to zoom in and out quickly, so this must allow these surgeons to see exactly what they need to see quickly and can easily pass the monitor to each other for review and consult. Innovative thinking by this team of surgeons – as the iPad has only been available in Japan for about a week.

 I don’t think that these surgeons are performing gall bladder removal, and I’m pretty certain that the belly button was not involved, but it is clear that Apple’s reputation and reach have now entered the privileged world of the OR.

What’s next?  Do share.

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