Reutation Wrap-Up

The Wide (and Wild) World of Sports

Well, let the games begin (although I think that the party started days ago with the Black Eyed Peas)! The world (with the exception of most Chicagoans) has gathered Johannesburg for the 2010 World Cup.  From what I know – and what the world is telling me – people are in love with this sport. Football stadiums will be jammed packed.  Right now it does not seem to matter which teams are playing.  All that matters is that fans just want to see amazing teams playing live in front of their eyes.  There will be daily Flop updates from fellow Flopper and resident football expert, Shannon Mullen, so stay tuned for expert updates and insight.

The Other Cup

Cheers to the Chicago Blackhawks, the 2010 Stanley Cup Champs.  Growing up in Chicago, I was never really a fan of the Hawks, or hockey, but after a hard 49-year fight (think of how many thousands of broken teeth and noses) – we all are fans. Enjoy the victory, Chicago…next up…the Cubbies!! 

Ford Launch via FB

Years ago, Infiniti teased the nation with a series of ad campaigns designed to keep us all asking “what kind of car is under that cover??”  The car was unveiled, of course, at the Superbowl.  It was a very successful – and pricy – campaign, but it was exactly what people wanted, and everything that is new and exciting is launched at a Superbowl, right? 

Fast forward a decade plus….

On Wednesday, Ford Motors announced that the company would be unveiling the new Ford Explorer on Facebook.  Very cool.  According to Scott Monty, Ford’s head of social media, “We live in a 140-character society (referring to the Twitter character limit).  “When we have people’s attention, we want to make sure it sticks.”  Ford will begin the Explorer launch campaign with teasers saying the SUV will be revealed “soon” on Facebook.  No date announced for the launch, but I think that is part of the plan.  Will we “fan” the Explorer or “ignore?” Regardless, more people will probably see the Explorer on Facebook than at a car expo…smart thinking, Ford.

Video of the Week BP and hot coffee…just black…no garbage


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