Props to Glen Davis and Nate Robinson (Or should I say “Shrek and Donkey”?)

While the “Big Three” has received the majority of the Celtic’s media coverage over the years, it’s time to shine the spotlight on a new cast of characters.  Glen Davis and Nate Robinson, better known as “Shrek and Donkey,” outshone Pierce, Garnett and Allen with their outstanding performance in Game 4, scoring a crucial 36 points to bring the Celtics back into the lead. “Big Baby” was truly an ogre on the court, scoring 18 points in 22 minutes.

In addition to their athletic performances, Robinson and Davis entertained the audience with their comedic routine; Robinson rode to the bench on Davis’ back with Davis triumphantly drooling, sending the crowd into uproar. “We’re like Shrek and Donkey,” said Nate Robinson after the game, effectively coining a nickname that would catapult the twosome into the limelight.


Most coaches wouldn’t even consider using their bench players for such a long period of time, especially in the last quarter of an NBA final game. However, Celtics’ Doc Rivers is not like most coaches; he relied on a bench-driven team for a full nine minutes in the fourth quarter, which can seem like hours in a crucial game. Rivers understands the value of using bench players, nurturing their talent both on and off the court. In return, Davis and Robinson understand the value of a good coach. “I want to give Doc a hug, man. I love Doc,” said Davis at a press conference after Game 4. But it would appear that Doc Rivers wasn’t the sole decision maker . . . 

With the clock counting down the final minutes in the fourth quarter, one would expect the starters to be fuming on the sidelines and begging Doc to put them back in the game. Surprisingly, the starters were Davis’ and Robinson’s biggest cheerleaders. “Rondo and all of them were begging me to keep [Davis and Robinson] in,” said Doc Rivers post-game, “That was the loudest I’ve seen our bench, and it was our starters cheering from the bench.”

Glen Davis' and Nate Robinson's dopplegangers

Whether the Celtics win or lose the championship tomorrow, props to Davis and Robinson for a truly admirable performance. In fact, props to the entire Celtics team for being extremely supportive of each other. It’s rare to find a team that works together as well as the Celtics, and I hope their wacky team dynamic wins them the championship.

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