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Your client wants a better SMO strategy – you’re already tweeting and blogging, which is proactive. But you should also know what the rest of the digital world is saying about your client’s brand and how these online conversations impact its reputation.

Fortunately, there are plenty of online search engines and other tools helpful for discovering how a brand is being discussed in the global conversation of social media networks. Here are a few tools I’ve found useful:

  • is a good tool. Not only does this search engine cull a sampling of social media mentions in the form of tweets, blog posts, comments, and bookmarks, it also gives you a basic breakdown of the “buzz” around your search topic – strength of the brand, sentiment (positive versus negative), top keywords, etc.

  • is a quick and intuitive search engine that pulls from about 60 of the top social media sites. It allows you to sort by blogs, news, networks, video sites, photo sites, forums, and bookmarking tools.
  •’s “Big Buzz” feature gives you a quick breakdown of the latest buzz on your brand.
  • is still in beta, but offers diverse search categories, incorporating wikis, podcasts, and even document shares.

If you have a better idea of what strengths and weaknesses your client has in the social media arena, then you have a better opportunity to take a proactive stance and even use your SMO platform to improve your client’s digital reputation.

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  1. Dispatch5.0 says:

    I have also been doing a lot of research for the company I work for on how to increase SEO/SMO and I came across NutshellMail by constant contact. I have yet to do more than research it (meaning I have not used it) but it seems like an interesting tool – I think it basically just allows you to get all your Social Media alerts on one dashboard. Anyway, nice article.

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