Happy 4th of July!

For the last 22 years, NPR’s Morning Edition has read aloud the Declaration of Independence in its entirety. To revisit AP history or to get your annual dose of patriotism, head here.

Geeks go gaga over Gaga?



She's shy

Gaga Goes Geek

Polaroid has certainly taken a reputation chance with its recent appointment of Lady Gaga as its creative director. While I wouldn’t go as far to say that this is a brand sponsorship, it is the first such corporate position that Ms. Gaga has engaged in. Interesting decision by Polariod. The former film giant was sold in bankruptcy last year to Minnetonka and recently opened the MIT Museum Polaroid exhibit featuring Polaroids of the Lady Gaga. A fabulous risk on Polariod’s part. My question is: does counter-culture Gaga know something we don’t? Is digital out and hard copy back in? Stay tuned – we could all be going gaga over instant pics again soon.

Not Just a Rolling Stone

As a communications professional, the idea of a 24-second news cycle is beat into us, and we work diligently to proactively guard the reputations of our clients. The coverage Rolling Stone received this week for its McChrystal expose has been a multi-day fiasco. As WSJ’s Russell Adams said, “the article that brought down the U.S. commander would lift the magazine that published it.” Weeks later we are still talking about the cajones of Rolling Stone, previously recognized as the Bible of pop culture, to publish such a politically charged article.  But the numbers say we shouldn’t be surprised: four of Rolling Stone’s seven National Magazine Awards in the past decade have been for political stories. Perhaps this last article will permanently place Rolling Stone as an investigative force to be reckoned with.

Morrissey & Company is signing off for the holiday weekend with an office BBQ. Cheers!

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