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Well, like an estimated 700 million people in the world, I did tune in to Spain vs. Netherlands in the final game of the 2010 World Cup.  Congratulations to team Spain and well done to the men in orange.  It was a global tournament indeed.  Fosbury flops to South Africa as well.  I’ve had the privilege of spending time in this amazing country, and the city of Johannesburg hosted a wonderful event.

While “football” does not always resonate with many in the United States, I have family and friends who are very passionate about the sport and don’t hide their sentiment.  It has been a while since I’ve heard such passionate dialogue (pro and con) regarding a sport that did not include the words “Yankees” or “Red Sox.”

Some of the dialogue (I have permission to share) went like this:

“In a real sport, with four minutes left, and the score 1-0, the losing team would still have a fighting chance to pull it out. Thank goodness this silliness is only once every four years!”

“Oh hush! If you hate it so much why are you watching?! There’s a gazillion other options on U.S. telly… try Golf TV!”

“Instead of watching soccer on my telly I’m watching old WW2 videos of when USA saved Europe from German fascism. I’d rather be good at war and “stink”at soccer”

I’d rather watch grass grow, on a golf course, than ever watch snoozball again…

“OK so the U.S. didn’t win the World Cup, but I think we got a strong shot at the World Series.”

Well, regardless of sentiment, I’d venture to say that there was a bit of passion in this conversation.  I did learn a lot about the sport of football, and what stirs the pot for my family and friends.  I did ask them if they have this same sort of passion at work and home, and the majority agreed that indeed they do.  I asked them to elaborate a bit – as we all (well, this group in particular) are such different creatures outside of the office. 

A snippet of the conversation:

“I wake up excited to work.”

“Attitude is everything. People sense that.”

“Trust yourself and others trust you.”

If I’m excited about something, I make the right decisions.

“I get more done in less time.”

“Golf is my passion and my JOB…what is better?”

“I want to succeed. Passion drives this.”

“I have passion for each day, each week and my career.”

Well, thinking back on this conversation, I believe that passion is indeed a very useful tool.

We all have the ability to motivate ourselves (and in my case, my clients).  If we are interested in something, so are the people around us.  The sincere recommendations we give to others have a greater impact and together we have the potential to reach goals.  What we embrace sets the tone for everything we do.  It can be contagious, and there is nothing stronger than a person (or team, in football lingo) with a focused direction and a passion to get there. 

Thanks to Sean, Sasha and Jay for the witty – and meaningful – banter yesterday.  I learned a lot.

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