Will my iPhone 4 Work in the Gulf?

Much of the news this week has been around BP (no surprise here) and its latest attempt at capping the spill. It’s working, it’s working…uh oh, it’s leaking… and then working again. Months into this, the story is becoming background noise, which is sad considering all the marine wildlife and people affected by this disaster. Becoming invisible is always a risk with overexposure, and the media have definitely overexposed this story.

Image courtesy of http://actsofbeauty.co.uk.

The other big story this week is the iPhone 4 and its connectivity, or lack thereof. I heard a CNet reporter on NPR this week say that in the 20 years he’s covered Apple, this is the first time that Apple is calling a press conference to address poor publicity. I’m sure we’ll all be watching/listening to hear what Apple has to say and with all those dazzling minds at work, I’m sure they’ll come up with a quick fix and next week folks will be praising the company’s brilliance and quick response time. Apple’s not one to mess around. Some folks think Apple will be forced to recall the iPhone 4, with disastrous effects. We shall see.

Until next week, that’s a wrap.

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