Reputation Wrap-Up

A-Rod’s 600th Home Run

On Wednesday, 35 year-old Alex Rodriguez hit his 600th career home run, becoming the youngest player to ever reach that milestone, beating out Babe Ruth by just one year (Ruth was 36 years old).. Rodriguez is the seventh player in baseball history to reach this milestone, joining an exclusive group that includes Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Ken Griffey Jr. and Sammy Sosa. Despite A-Rod’s   track record of poor behavior – steroid use, strippers and his playboy relationship with some of Hollywood’s hottest starlets – he has maintained his reputation as a great baseball player and will remain in the history books for decades to come.

Chelsea Clinton Gets Married

Last weekend, former first daughter Chelsea Clinton married her longtime boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky, in an extravagant, wedding at an opulent New York estate. From her gorgeous Vera Wang dress to the couple’s impressive dancing skills, the Clintons put on a wedding described by many guests as “better than a fairy tale”  for their only child. A noticeably thinner Bill walked Chelsea down the aisle while a radiant Hillary, in magenta Oscar de la Renta, observed the ceremony. From her humble beginnings as a curly-haired, mop-top child living in the White House, Chelsea has become a sophisticated young woman, embodying her father’s ease and mother’s strong resolve.

Shaq Joins the Boston Celtics

This week Shaquille O’Neal announced that he will be joining the Boston Celtics for the upcoming season. While many Bostonians question whether Shaq will hurt or help the Celtics’ reputation I see it as a smart gamble for both sides. Shaq could add a new dimension to the team, and with many of their starters injured, the Celtics need Shaq. Shaq will also benefit from the Celtics’ strong standing in the league, and at 38 years old, Shaq wants to win another title before he retires. All things said, Shaq will need to put his personality and ego aside if he wants to help the Celtics win banner 18.



Cheez Doodles Creator Dies at 90

Cheez Doodles creator, Morrie Yohai, passed away this week at the age of 90. Yohai created the puffy orange snack after returning from WWII service as a Marine in the South Pacific. This longtime favorite snack has definitely earned a reputation for crunching in your mouth like popcorn and staining your fingers orange.  Although Cheez Doodles was only one of Yohai’s many accomplishments in his lifetime,  it is what he will be remembered for the most. Read our CEO Peter Morrissey’s blog entry, The Smiley Things We Carry With Us for more on Yohai.

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