Let Your Voice Be Heard: Sharing Audio on Twitter

It seems that every day there is a new development in the social media realm that allows users to share content in new and innovative ways.  For instance, Twitter’s 140-character limit may seem, well, limiting; however, new technology is allowing users to share not just words, but also audio.

The following services, recently featured on Mashable, are all free and easy to use.  Check out a few of the options available:

1. Chir.ps

Set up a Chir.ps page, authorize Chir.ps to use your computer’s microphone and record your message. Once you’re happy with it, add text and then tweet it.

There’s a slight delay before the tweet will hit your stream, and when it does Chir.ps will have added a shortened URL (like this: http://chir.ps/6hb) to your message which people can click through in order to hear your audio.


2. AudioBoo

With AudioBoo you can record for up to five minutes, then preview your message. Once you’re happy, give the recording a title and AudioBoo saves it to the “Your Boos” section of the site.

From here you can choose to share your audio to Facebook, get an embed code for it, or tweet it, which creates a short URL like this: http://boo.fm/b154817

There’s no way to see how many people have tuned-in to listen to your broadcast, although there is the capability to comment on Boos.


3. Twaud.io

Twaud.io is another service that lets you both record online and upload files. Once you’re done recording, enter up to 100 characters of text, then just press the “Twaudio it!” button and you’re done.

Twaud.io’s URLs are super short (http://twaud.io/ls4) and play automatically when someone hits the link. Those who listen to your recordings also get the option to download them, get an embed code, retweet them or comment on them, which is sent as an @reply to the creator.


To read about several other audio Tweet options available, read Mashable’s full article.

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