In Praise of Apple

I can’t imagine that Steve Jobs needs my praise (or my money) but I am going to hand it to him just the same. Apple has an amazing reputation. I haven’t actually made the switch to a Mac but my college kids have and so I have at least had the experience of buying more than a few of their products. My brother tells the story about how he inherited his daughter’s Mac Book after she went to a newer model. He had a problem with the connection for the charger and brought it back for repair. Even though it was no longer under warranty, they determined that the problem was a manufacturing issue, not a user issue, and repaired the computer at no charge.

This week I had to return to the Apple store at the Natick Collection with my daughter’s computer – the third time we had to go back after an earlier repair under warranty failed to solve the problem. Since college is now starting, our patience was about up and I was determined to get this fixed fast, and for the last time.

“Tell you what I can do for you,” said Matt, a self-proclaimed “genius” who drew the short straw when he got me as his next customer. “We’re just going to go ahead and get you a new computer. Will that do it?”

I normally have a quick answer in most situations, but I was unprepared for this outcome and took a few seconds before stuttering my answer.

“Sssure, that’s great,” I finally managed.

So of course I also think Matt’s a genius for coming up with this solution, but I think Steve Jobs is the ultimate genius for figuring out the oldest proposition in customer service: Treat your customers well and they will be your customers for life. And then maybe, just maybe, they will write a blog posting and put it on The Fosbury Flop! 

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