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It’s kind of old news but I have to blog about it because, last night, I received a surprise gift – a new iPod touch. I unwrapped it and inside was this perfect little clear plastic case. I opened the box and removed the touch, which is unbelievably slim and very shiny. The device was wrapped in a plastic jacket with four tabs overlapping on the back. I commented to my husband how fun it was to unwrap, and being the tech geek that he is, he commented that “unboxing” is a big deal. Unboxing? Evidently, according to The Independent and The Register, this is a new form of “geek porn.” Who knew?

Admittedly, I’m not a device person. In fact, I’m probably more in the anti-device camp. I was the last of my friends to get a cell phone, and still have a flip phone. I bought my husband an iPod years ago for Christmas, but never got one for myself. I don’t have a GPS or an iPad or a Kindle. I like to talk to people when I’m not running between places, and I like to turn the pages of books. But, as I unwrapped my new toy, even I felt excited. My colleague commented that unwrapping his Kindle was like a ceremony – that’s a perfect word for it.

So, what makes the new iPod touch so great? Oh, just a few little things like video calling, HD video recording and the retina display, which Apple has a very cool demo of on its site.

iPod touchNick Bilton at The New York Times rounds up the reviews, and reminds us of the origins of the iPod Touch – a clunky device with a black and white screen. Joshua Topolsky of Engadget goes into great detail about the inner workings, compares old and new versions with photos and video, and says the new version looks like “a toothpick by comparison.” David Pogue of The New York Times says “there are no missteps” in this year’s redesign, and “the tradeoffs are worth it.” According to TechCrunch, “there’s no question that this thing is going to be a massive hit for Apple.”

Sadly, I had to leave my new friend home this morning because cases aren’t available yet, and my cell phone’s distressed appearance reminds me that I must protect my devices from myself.

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  1. seanfindlen says:

    My “unboxing” ceremony for the Kindle was quite an event. It seems to me that the really smart companies (Apple, Amazon, BMW – to name a few) look to sell a product, but also provide a full experience – from the initial romance of a TV ad to the all-important unboxing. Nice post.

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