Sometimes the Best Opportunities Are Right Under Your Nose

“Industry, perseverance, and frugality make fortune yield.”Benjamin Franklin

The economic recession changed the way we think and act. Emerging from the roaring years of the technology and real estate booms, society slowly lost a firm grip on economic reality. Like a cold shower, the recession slapped us awake from our slumber and refocused our thinking. Excess gave way to pragmatism and, eventually, frugality. Rather than looking for new, exciting ways to spend, we now seek new ways to save and creative pathways to generate revenue.

Earlier today, New York-based Solve Media announced a new advertising platform that demonstrates a prime blend of ingenuity and frugality. Solve Media looked to a place on the web that every user encounters on a regular basis. Its TYPE-IN platform transforms CAPTCHA codes into mini online billboards (read: ad revenue machines.)

For those of you who don’t know CAPTCHA codes by name, they are the garbled letters and numbers that e-commerce sites ask us to type to verify that we are indeed of human origin. Personally, I hate having to decipher these codes and would be much happier typing something that made some sort of sense – even if it is an advertising slogan.

This solution may sound small, but I believe it will be a very big step forward in digital advertising. Not only does it remove the annoyance of a nonsensical code, but it focuses the user on the message. And, when I say focus, I mean it makes you re-type it. Talk about interactive advertising.

Now, I will say that it also brings childhood memories (read: cauchemars) of Mrs. Plant compelling me to write sentences over and over at the Hacker School in Fort Fairfield, Maine. But, that’s how I learned to write. And, that’s the sheer brilliance of this concept – Solve Media’s platform literally teaches advertisers’ messages. That’s a powerful tool.


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