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Reputation Wrap Week 10/24

More Car Recalls To start off the wrap, Japanese car maker Nissan announced its third largest recall in company history this week, recalling 747,000 SUVs and trucks in the U.S. Citing an electrical issue that may cause the cars to … Continue reading

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Made in the USA

I heard on WBZ yesterday morning that a recent Consumer Reports survey found that the reliability of GM cars has “improved drastically in the past year – with some GM brands outranking several European manufacturers.” I have to admit, I … Continue reading

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The Digital Reputation Utility Belt

(your tools for reputation success)

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Making Strides from “Dude, You’re Gettin a Dell!” to “You Can Tell It’s a Dell”

Dell is making news headlines as of late for the launch of their newest advertising campaign , in addition to drawing praise for their social media and customer integration efforts. The campaign focuses on providing something for everyone, and is … Continue reading

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Incivility Will Lead US to National Reputation Crisis

As a young man, President George Washington assembled a collection of social guidelines that he titled, “Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation.” The rules addressed a wide range of social etiquette, beginning with “Every action done … Continue reading

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Boston Brains

The Daily Beast has rounded up the smartest cities in the USA, and Boston tops the list this year… but not if you ask the Metro. The front page of this morning’s Metro claimed that Boston came in 3rd place … Continue reading

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The Art & Science of Measurement

No one would argue that measurement is an integral part of any well planned communications program.  In order to create the right strategy, one must understand and establish a baseline, set goals and then develop a plan that can be … Continue reading

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Reputation Wrap Week 10/17

Juan Williams Fired from NPR Making headlines this week was Juan Williams, an NPR analyst who got fired after making controversial comments on Fox News: “I mean, look, Bill, I’m not a bigot. You know the kind of books I’ve … Continue reading

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Morrissey & Company Launches Rep Rap

This week, Morrissey & Company launched a new video blog (vlog) series to focus on contemporary issues of reputation and communications. REP RAP posted its first monthly episode on YouTube today, featuring an interview and conversation with nationally-recognized social media … Continue reading

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Doctors of Prognostication Roll the Dice on November Outcomes

If you are a weather nut, you watch The Weather Channel or the local weather reports and absorb the five-day forecast like they were delivered on stone tablets and brought down from Mount Sinai. Of course, if you are really paying … Continue reading

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