WBUR – Propping Up An Already-Sterling Reputation

WBUR, Macbook, Apple, Kindle, Amazon, BostonProps go to WBUR for concluding their shortest fund drive ever today.

I’m a big fan of NPR. In college, after going on her first date with her husband-to-be, my roommate joked that she might really like him – he had NPR on when she got in the car.

After school, I moved to San Francisco and listened to KQED each morning as I prepared to walk down the hill to work. KQED fund drives were always short and sweet. The station heavily promoted automated giving, saying it shortened pledge drives and got people back to the news faster. It worked.

When I moved to Boston, my first fund drive with WBUR was painful. By comparison, it seemed like it would never end. I wondered why WBUR didn’t do more to promote automated/recurrent giving on the air – why the station didn’t sell listeners on the benefits as KQED had done. WBUR is a fantastic station and almost everyone I know listens to it, but no one likes long fund drives.

This fall’s fund drive has been different. While WBUR still isn’t heavily promoting recurrent giving, the giveaways have been more compelling. I don’t know how they did it, but somehow they’ve gone from long-stem roses and things I care nothing about, to giving away gift certificates valued at double your donation to fantastic restaurants like Flora, a Macbook, Kindles and iPods.

WBUR’s always been “on point” when it comes to delivering the news…it’s nice to see their fund drives getting there, too.

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