Morrissey & Company Launches Rep Rap

This week, Morrissey & Company launched a new video blog (vlog) series to focus on contemporary issues of reputation and communications. REP RAP posted its first monthly episode on YouTube today, featuring an interview and conversation with nationally-recognized social media expert, Paul Gillin. Hosted by Morrissey & Company CEO Peter Morrissey and Senior Counsel Ernie Corrigan, REP RAP will tackle today’s tough questions on how to establish, advance and protect the valuable asset of reputation.

The inaugural episode of REP RAP quizzed Paul Gillin on how to protect reputation in the age of digital media. From pitfalls and privacy to movies and magic bullets, Gillin, Morrissey and Corrigan don’t disappoint. Tune in to REP RAP in November when Peter and Ernie will open up their mailbag to answer viewers’ questions.

If you have a reputation question for the show, please feel free to leave a comment on this post, send a tweet to @Morrissey_Co, or drop us a line at: REP RAP, Morrissey & Company, 6 Edgerly Place, Boston, MA 02116.

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