Making Strides from “Dude, You’re Gettin a Dell!” to “You Can Tell It’s a Dell”

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Dell is making news headlines as of late for the launch of their newest advertising campaign , in addition to drawing praise for their social media and customer integration efforts.

The campaign focuses on providing something for everyone, and is designed to enhance their global image through integrating their new theme,  ”You Can Tell It’s a Dell” in the advertising collateral.

“We believe there’s a real space for us to become the most loved PC company in the industry,” said Paul-Henri Ferrand, global chief marketing officer for the consumer and small and medium business unit of Dell.  “[It's a] tall order but this is what the marketing strategy is aiming at.”

Dell’s main competitors in the computer and technology space include Apple and Hewlett Packard.  Dell is striving to create the “brand lust” that some of their rivals enjoy (ahem, Apple).

It seems the key to creating the brand lust is linking the enthusiasm from IdeaStorm with the loyalty to their products. IdeaStorm, created in 2007, is a forum for consumers to give suggestions, ideas, and product improvements on Dell products. Since its inception, the website has garnered a stunning 14,000 ideas and 90,000 comments. Dell also does “Storm Sessions,” which are moderated forums on certain topics. It is amazing to see how people respond when you invite their participation and simply ask them what they think. Customers are giving ideas to Dell (and other companies, like Starbucks), for FREE. It is pretty ingenious. There are some pretty smart customers out there who are more than happy to share their knowledge, as evidenced by the success of user forums. The idea for Dell systems to run on the Linux operating system and to wrap products in bamboo instead of plastic both came from IdeaStorm.

Props to Dell for its creativity and strategic push at further penetrating the tech market.

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