All the News That’s Fit to Index

Today’s Reputation Communication tool is brought to you by the letter A – for Aggregator!

Let’s face it: there is a lot of information out there – too much for anyone to muddle through alone, and most of it sounds like it could moonlight as a character in The Transformers. To solve this problem, tech gurus and social media pros created news aggregators that index online articles relevant to specific topics in one convenient location.

According to our favorite collaborative, web-based encyclopedia, trailblazing aggregators included: Drudge Report, NewsNow, and the Huffington Post, which started the process of selecting relevant and related content at “the human level” – in other words, actual people (not algorithms). More recent aggregators index syndicated online content like headlines, blogs, etc., automatically (no human intervention required).

How can you use aggregators to better serve your clients?  Well, you can start creating your own aggregator of content that you and your clients find useful, and then use either “push” or “pull” marketing to increase your audience.  And if you aren’t ready for that step yet, try subscribing to some relevant aggregators to get used to the idea.

For example, in addition to my own personal Google Reader, here are a couple of my favorites:

I’d love to learn about your favorite news aggregators, too.  Please share!

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3 Responses to All the News That’s Fit to Index

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  2. seanfindlen says:

    I’m a huge fan of creating custom news search RSS feeds in Google News and then routing the results to my Google Reader account. That provides content results with a high level of precision and relevance.

    The other aggregator tool I like is, a site that takes the news from people I follow on Twitter and then creates a daily digital “newspaper” each morning. I influence the content by whom I select to follow on Twitter. You can find my daily rag at

  3. sarahgerrol says:

    Ooooh, a personalized Findlen Newsfeed! Thanks for sharing.

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