The Break Up: Socially Awkward Version 2.0

Super Stalker Facebook Platform

Friend Checker

The art of ending a friendship is a fickle one. From sand box brawls to class note warfare, friendship divorce, or in some cases trial separation, is one situation that was formerly dealt with best face-to-face. However, with the advent of Facebook, this – and every other social interaction – has changed.

Now, some savvy Facebook developers have developed an application to track when friends deactivate their account, defriend you or ignore your friend request.

This feature is not to be confused with SCAM applications that advertise the ability to track who visited, viewed, stalked or spied on your Facebook profile. Tracking Facebook habits is strictly against the terms and conditions of Facebook.

The following are various friend checkers for those of you who are particularly thick skinned, interested or looking for a fight. From The Scam Sniper:

1: The Facebook App

Delete Checker

2: Goggle Chrome Add-on

Facebook Friends Checker

3: For Firefox: “A Grease Monkey User Script”

Facebook Friends Checker

Mashable has more on various Facebook scripts here:

It’s one stressful job building your social network, but don’t forget that you now have to maintain it.

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