Howard Stern: Clear King of the Interview

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As I ambled my way into Morrissey & Company from my sleepy hamlet of Waltham on Tuesday morning, my commute deteriorated from a happy-go-lucky ride along the storied River Charles into a rage-inducing standstill on Storrow Drive. Apparently, rush hour is the best time for heavy construction near the BU Bridge. Really? (I promise, this post will not be a rant criticizing poor public works planning.)

The only thing that saved me from a genetic predisposition to quick Irish rage was the self-proclaimed “King of All Media,” Mr. Howard Stern. Now, before you roll your eyes, please hear me out. Stern is the most prolific personality in the history of broadcast radio. Albeit slightly bawdy at times, I contend that Stern simply echoes the internal monologue of the public at-large. He’s creative, humorous, and most importantly, honest.

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Now, for the record, I’m not a Billy Joel fanatic, but the way Stern orchestrated the interview, I couldn’t stop listening. I realize I’m not doing this story justice, so I invite you to read a superb review of the interview by Bob Lefsetz posted on his blog The Lefsetz Letter. Better yet, I recommend Sirius subscribers to tune into a repeat broadcast of the Billy Joel interview either tomorrow or over the weekend on Sirius channel 100.

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Perhaps I’m getting old and crotchety, but I honestly feel that the quality of interviews is at an all-time low. More and more often, rather than a genuine interviewer with natural intellectual curiosity, I see networks passing-off leggy blondes or plastic-haired Ken dolls as serious journalists. What bothers me more is to hear those same talent-neutral commentators criticize Stern. They would be much better served to tune into his show and observe his mastery of the microphone. Bravo, Maestro Stern.

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