M&Co. Props to #worldaidsday

Today, as many of you may know, is #worldaidsday. To honor this cause, many world leaders, organizations and programs are pushing themselves to the limit and engaging in the digital world to spread the word about the HIV epidemic. Lest we forget the Pope’s Nov. 22 comments on condoms.

Seeing RedJoinred is a great example of an organization who utilized social media for cause relations with its #turnred campaign. They got the fundamentals right: 1. Rallying behind a cause with intriguing visuals and statistics 2. Clearly listed a call to action 3. Enabled the “share” tactic. Not to mention they have teamed with powerful retailers to channel those consumers who enjoy purchasing for a purpose.

Here’s how it works:

Red Looks Good on Everyone

Red Looks Good on Everyone

Painting the town red
Painting the town red

According to Richard Knox of NPR, “[The cure is] beginning to happen, largely, because more treatment is getting out there, fewer people are dying, about 20 percent fewer than in 2004, fewer people are passing on the virus to others. But meanwhile, for every person who’s put on treatment, two more people are getting infected. There’s just so much of it out there.

So here are several options to help the cause:

What You Can DO!

What You Can Do!

Or if you’re a celebrity, start dying. No really.

Click here to see the M&Co. prezi on #worldaidsday

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