LinkedIn and Facebook Expand Platforms

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LinkedIn is the latest of the social media/connectivity tools to offer a “share” button, linking articles and news items back to its site. Among those offering the new tool are news sites Bloomberg and Forbes . Users can even sign in to those websites using their LinkedIn username and password.

“As a professional, we know the importance of staying up-to-speed on industry trends and business news and now we have made it easier for you to share that news and research with your team, clients, and peers from your favorite business news sites,” said Liz Reade Walker in a posting on LinkedIn’s blog.

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While LinkedIn lags far behind Facebook in terms of members, the executives at Facebook are begin to see the value in expanding its business application tools. Via their company blog and Sunday night’s 60 Minutes interview with CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook announced its users can now add work projects, a detailed educational background, achievements, skills, and resumes to their profiles. Users can also tag colleagues.

While it remains to be seen if the new features will prove popular and useful for job seekers and professional networking, I personally see the value in keeping my social sites and professional interactions separate. I use both LinkedIn and Facebook for completely different purposes and appreciate the distinctions in each. If I were an employer looking up a potential employee, I’d prefer to solely view the candidate’s professional work without having to delve into his or her personal life to do so.

You can watch Zuckerberg preview the updates on 60 Minutes here.

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