In Search of the Perfect Tree

Christmas Tree, Allendale FarmGrowing up, my family always bought our Christmas tree the first weekend in December. My father would suspend it from rafters in our garage for two weeks, with a big wooden bucket of water underneath. When we finally brought it inside, the tree was always fresh and the needles stayed where they belonged – on the tree.

Fast forward to me living in Boston , buying my own Christmas tree. When we lived in Davis Square , we always bought our tree at Pemberton Farms on Mass Ave. and carried it home.

When we moved to West Roxbury , we had to find a new place to buy a tree. We tried a few and were disappointed – no matter how fresh the tree seemed when we bought it, the needles always started falling off almost as soon as we put it up.

Allendale Farm, Christmas Tree

Image Courtesy of Allendale Farm

Then, a few years ago, we started getting our tree from Allendale and it’s just what you might expect from the oldest working farm in Boston – it’s perfect. We put it up this past weekend; the whole house smells like Christmas and the needles are staying right where they belong – on the tree.

Allendale is the last working farm in Boston, and the place we go to buy pumpkins, plants, Christmas trees, fresh produce, flowers, and even delicious baked goods. You pay a little more at Allendale than you might at a place like Home Depot . But, you know your tree will be fresh, and you also have the experience of visiting their chicken coop and seeing the hairy koos. In the summer, you can even “subscribe” to receive a box of organic produce each week.

In this age of buyouts and consolidation, it’s nice to see a local, independent businesses succeeding, especially one that’s been in business for more than 250 years. Among our friends, the farm has a fantastic reputation – the result of a high quality product, and good, old-fashioned hard work.

Allendale Farm, Christmas Tree, Brookline, Boston

Image Courtesy of Allendale Farm

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