Establishing Online Connections: M&Co. Web Footprint

As a new year approaches, just about every corporation is creating a strategic plan for 2011. At Morrissey & Company, part of that plan is answering the question, “How are we going to connect better?”

Be it clients, students or reputation enthusiasts, we want to create higher quality connections with all our stakeholders. A huge part of building these connections is not only participation, but measurement. For example, Facebook intern Paul Butler did exactly that while examining the plethora of data from Facebook’s 500 million members.

According to Butler, “when the data is the social graph of 500 million people, there are a lot of lenses through which you can view it. One that piqued my curiosity was the locality of friendship. I was interested in seeing how geography and political borders affected where people lived relative to their friends. I wanted a visualization that would show which cities had a lot of friendships between them.”

Thus every line represents a friendship – lines that at the end of the experiment began to resemble “a surprisingly detailed map of the world.”

To read more about how Butler created this awesome graphic, visit his blog here.

While I can’t hold a candle to Facebook’s programming genius to outline the Morrissey & Company web footprint, I CAN doodle.

Morrissey & Company web footprint

Rockstar web map

We realize we have work to do, mainly in finding a way to incorporate our clients and their great news into our every day happenings. We view this as an ever-evolving process, but one we are willing to stay on top of and maybe even one day ahead of. Any suggestions?

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