The Reputation of Innovation

I think we can all agree that we are saturated with the word “innovative.” BusinessWeek went as far as to say it’s dead. And with many overused words, the meaning fades with every miss application. According to LinkedIn, “innovative” is the number two overused buzzword in 2010.

The U.S. According to LinkedIn

But does the word still have purpose? According to our friends AstraZeneca, yes it does. And they should know, as they are leaders in an industry that is constantly under pressure to discover, predict and outdo. Here is what they had to say about innovation, as documented in their Innovation Survey. The survey’s findings, based on responses from 6,000 people in six different countries around the world, reveal some interesting differences in how innovation is perceived in established markets and in growing economies. Here are a few takeaways:

I personally agree that “innovation” is overused, but if participating in the innovation trend keeps us in competition with China and India, count me in.

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