Paul Levy: A Job Well Done

Paul Levy continues to be a complex individual, and his announced resignation today via his blog is consistent with his “break the mold” behavior. Among his many accomplishments as a CEO: his breakthrough use of social media to reach to allies and foes alike. He has shown how the internet equalizes everyone and completely engages all who wish to participate in dialogue—a virtue not shared by many close-minded and less-than-transparent chief executives. Levy has shown that communications via the web can work for a major executive leading a large and complex enterprise.

I have been and continue to be an admirer of Paul and his many accomplishments. He cites in his blog the arrival of his 60th birthday as a catalyst for the change in his life. My observation is that his ongoing quest for excellence has been less driven by any chronological date or year, but more by a constant search to find great challenges, to help solve them and then move on. This modus has served him well, along with the organizations he’s aligned himself with and our society as a whole, where he has made such a difference.

Did he make mistakes along the way?  By his admission and acknowledgement, yes.  But we are all entitled to second chances.

Paul Levy continues to do good things, and maybe even great things. And we wish him well.

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