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Well, it’s Monday again already and colder than the dark side of the Moon here in Boston . I’m supposed to offer my expert opinion on a reputation tool with today’s post – giddy up!. The trustiest steed in my stable is a Droid 2 Global . This mini machine possesses the horsepower to single-handedly run my daily life and still fit in a suit pocket. From my daily wake-up alarm (no iPhone glitches to worry about) to serving as a mobile hotspot, my Droid does it all with aplomb.

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For those of you readers who embrace the premier Android OS , I thought I would thaw your fingers on this frigid day with my top 10 picks for Android applications. These keep me in line, aware, and entertained. In no particular order:

Gmail – Yeah, I know, this one ain’t revolutionary with the exception that everything about Gmail syncs seamlessly with the Android operating system. So much so, that when my first Droid perished from overuse, all I had to do to “port” my contacts and other information was to login to Gmail. Problem solved in 10 seconds.

Hootsuite – I do love me my Twitter, but I like to be organized and integrated. Hootsuite allows me to follow my various feeds and searches on Twitter from both my Droid and my desktop.

Foursquare – I’m relatively new to Foursquare, but I have to say I enjoy the service. From crowdsourced recommendations on food and entertainment to the juvenile satisfaction derived from collecting badges and ousting my co-worker as mayor of Morrissey & Company , Foursquare is good clean fun.

OpenTable – This is a dream for people who like to avoid unnecessary phone conversations. This app utilizes my Droid’s superbly accurate GPS functionality to find restaurants nearby and secure me a table – all while I’m on the go. Perfect.

Posterous – This is another new app for me, as I just debuted my personal blog this week: Ad Interim . Posterous’ service takes the content I wish to share on social networks and autoposts to all my web assets: Facebook , Twitter, blog, YouTube . You name it, Posterous posts it. Perfect for those of us who want to participate in digital discourse, but don’t have time to spend all day posting. It’s also perfect for SEO buffs, who want to maximize their online footprints.

Evernote – If you are a list maker, this app is for you. I can’t sleep if I have something that I must remember to do. Evernote allows me to post a note to a cloud-based service that appears on my Droid, laptop, and work desktop. I make my note and then can relax, knowing that my list reminder will save me.

TuneIn Radio – I am a radio buff. As a kid, I used to tape the radio because I didn’t have money for albums. Yes, I said tape. CD’s were some futuristic concept back in the halcyon days of the early 80’s. I also lived in Europe for some time during college and enjoyed the music from across the pond. TuneIn Radio provides hundreds of radio stations from every city imaginable and with crystal clear sound quality.

Pandora – We all know the wonders of Pandora at our work desks, but Droid lets you take that finely-tuned playlist on the go. There’s nothing better than a perfectly tweaked Pink Floyd playlist on a long road trip.

Navigation – Forget BlackBerry’s attempt at GPS navigation and leave your Garmin in the glove box. Droid is powered by up-to-dateGoogle Maps , a hearty GPS processor, traffic warnings, and Google StreetView to confirm your location. This device is built for executives on the go – whether by foot, rickshaw, or sedan.

Verizon FiOS DVR – If you have FiOS at home, you will love this slick app. I can manage my home digital video recorder while at work or on the go. When chit-chat at the water cooler turns to new shows, I can add to my DVR before I finish my cup of coffee. Or, if you’re a PR flack like me, you can record the news to capture the fruits of your labor before you leave the press conference.

These are just a few of my favorite apps and they are all free at theAndroid Market . And, if you’re not an Android person, be envious. Until next time, peace out, hoss.

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