Froston’s Attitude Problem: MBTA GM Richard Davey Feels Commuter Wrath

You may need to sit down before reading the following declaration – I know it’s shocking and hasn’t really been discussed, so steel yourself for the hard truth:

It’s cold; it’s snowy; and commuting on the MBTA/MBCR has been horrendous.

There, I said it.  The elephant in the room has been addressed.  What’s that you say?  I’m not the first to point this out?  And you’ve already heard me rant and rave about this in the past (especially on my personal blog)?  Well, so has MBTA General Manager Richard Davey.   

I’m as annoyed as the rest of my fellow commuters (sometimes even more so).  I hate that it takes me two-to-three hours to commute 16.8 miles (according to Google Maps) each way lately.  And it’s obvious that the MBTA’s reputation is taking a beating lately (just read today’s Metro).  But I also recognize that Davey is trying to address the situation, and as unpopular as giving him a little leeway is these days, I’m advocating for just that.  

Props to the MBTA for updating us via Twitter!

Obviously Mr. Davey doesn’t have a magic wand – he can’t change the weather.  He could help the MBTA/MBCR better prepare for the tough winters we know hit the Commonwealth every year, but unfortunately his rewind button isn’t working and he can’t change the past.  So he’s trying to make our present a little more informative.  A few highlights:

Davey isn’t perfect, and the MBTA and MBCR aren’t even close, but sometimes we forget to recognize an A-for-effort.  So Mr. Davey: unlike the weather, my attitude is beginning to thaw.  You’ve got the rest of this winter to make our commute better.

All Aboard!

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