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If you’re a Bostonian reading this, when I say we’ve had quite a winter, you know exactly what I mean. I’m referring to the “snow mountain” that my daughter likes to scale in the front yard, to the pain in my shoulders from chipping away at the glacier that insists on covering my sidewalk and driveway, to the fact that I have to pay for parking because I feel badly taking the empty spots on the street that someone else has shoveled out simply because they’ve had to shovel out that same spot so many times.

Last week I had the pleasure of experiencing air travel in the middle of this beautiful New England winter. I usually am very happy with JetBlue, but this recent experience was less than great. All winter, JetBlue has been cancelling flights proactively, days in advance of storms, in an attempt to avoid some of the mayhem. So, of course, on Tuesday morning, they cancelled all flights out of Logan for Thursday morning. The only problem was that the storm was predicted for Wednesday, and it ended Wednesday night, as predicted. So, three days in advance of our trip, we were trying to re-book flights, which was inconvenient and costly. I wouldn’t have minded if the storm was predicted for Thursday, but it wasn’t. In fact, on Thursday morning at Logan Airport, it was business as usual. Maybe JetBlue was a little overzealous.

They’re usually pretty good, though, so I didn’t hold it against them. But then we arrived at the airport in Austin for our trip home, and our flight was delayed not one hour, not two hours, but three hours due to a maintenance problem with the plane.

JetBlue, I commend your commitment to safety, and your attempt to avoid travel bottlenecks. In the airline business, safety is first and foremost. But, dependability is next. And based on this most recent trip, your reputation in this area could be compromised, if this trip was a valid sample of the current JetBlue experience.

I’m flying to Cleveland in two weeks, and I have to say, I’m glad to be flying on Continental. I will be flying to Florida on JetBlue in May, though. I’ll report back on that experience. At least we won’t have the weather to contend with then!

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