Leading Off: Wednesday’s Edition of Props, Flops and Scrambled Thoughts

Coke Recipe Revealed. Kind of. Ira Glass from “This American Life” apparently “stumbled across a column in the Feb. 18, 1979, edition of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Coke’s hometown paper. There, ‘buried’ on page 2B was a photograph of a page from an old book of handwritten pharmacists’ recipes. The only ingredient missing? Coca-Cola’s trade secret fluid extract of cocoa. As far as home-brewed coke goes, I think I’ll stick to the experts.

Trader Joes’ Biggest Fans Encourage Shoppers to Skip the Meat and Produce. What does that leave? Cheese, frozen appetizers and chocolate covered pomegranate seeds.

IBM Computer Ties Humans in Jeopardy! While it struggled with some of the subtle nuances of Jeopardy! questions, the IBM super computer Watson, named for IBM president Thomas J. Watson, is currently tied with former Jeopardy champion Brad Rutter with $5,000 each.

Impatience Leads to Rage of Sidewalks, Too In NPR’s latest blinding flash of the obvious, they provide a clinical diagnosis for my fellow MBTA commuters:  Pedestrian Aggressiveness Syndrome. The symptoms include: having denigrating thoughts about other pedestrians; acting in a hostile manner (staring, presenting a mean face, moving faster or closer than expected); failing to yield to another pedestrian when it’s the polite thing to do; walking by a slower moving pedestrian and cutting back too soon; and muttering at other pedestrians.

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show awarded a Scottish Deerhound named Hickory “Best in Show.” Cheers to Hickory, but this is a competition that needs a reputation overhaul. The following are some categories I feel will pump some blood into the oh-so-stuffy kennel club:

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