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Pinch to Zoom Is So 2010

April 6 won’t be just any Wednesday for me. It’s the day AT&T promises me a deep discount on a new smartphone. More importantly, though, it’s the day we’re helping to launch a new company, a company that makes an … Continue reading

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A Virtual “Corrections” Page – Can it Really Protect One’s Reputation Forever?

This morning, my colleague forwarded me a New York Times article about a new web site called ICorrect, which, according to the site “protects one’s reputation in cyberspace forever.”  Hmm, bold claim; I read on. The site goes on to … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power’s Volatile Reputation: Repercussions of the Fukushima Accident

First there was Three Mile Island, then Chernobyl, now Fukushima. After more than 20 years without a major nuclear accident, just as many people began to trust nuclear power again, an unforeseeable earthquake and its consequences reignite  fears about nuclear … Continue reading

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And now this from the Time Capsule…

When you are compiling a Top 10 list for customer service, you can put L.L. Bean at the top, according to BusinessWeek’s 2010 Customer Service Champ List. The majority of the champs are in the retail business, of course, because … Continue reading

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Groupon Passes the Buck: Two Reputations at Risk

Crispin Porter + Bogusky has created some of the most memorable ad campaigns of the last decade – among them, the American Legacy Foundation’s anti-smoking campaign, the Burger King “King” ads, and Microsoft’s “I am a PC” commercials that took … Continue reading

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Day at the Beach or Bombs Away? Operation Odyssey Dawn Obscures War

I would have liked to be a fly on the wall in the Situation Room at the White House when the Joint Chiefs of Staff and President Barack Obama put the finishing touches on the decision to take out Libya’s … Continue reading

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#SXSW Redux

By now you all know that the last two weeks have been dominated by Austin’s South by Southwest. The statistics to be exact: Image Courtesy of: RetailMeNot Can you think of any other “conference” that has branded itself better*? Channeling … Continue reading

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So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

  Today’s post is bittersweet: after helping to establish The Fosbury Flop just over one year ago, and watching it become such a dynamic source of information regarding reputation communications and current events, I can’t help but feel a sense … Continue reading

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If the Marketing of Cloud Computing is Confusing You, You’re in Good Company

McKinsey&Company reported that there are 22 separate definitions of cloud computing. That was two years ago. Do you think the number of definitions has increased or decreased since then? I checked with McKinsey, via Google, and as far as I … Continue reading

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The Reputation of Beer

Before I begin this post, I must confess that I am a terrible mother – I forgot to dress my children in green this morning – they left the house without even so much as a green hair ribbon. So, … Continue reading

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