The Reputation of Beer

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Sláinte! (in moderation, of course)

Before I begin this post, I must confess that I am a terrible mother – I forgot to dress my children in green this morning – they left the house without even so much as a green hair ribbon. So, to make up for it and pay some tribute to wonderful St. Patty’s Day, I thought we could give a salute to the Irish and talk a bit about the reputation of beer.

People have been drinking beer since the 6th millennium, BC. Wow. Then, in the ‘80s, in response to a burst of interest in physical fitness, light beer was born. Then came the age of the microbrew. It’s interesting to see something as basic as beer continue to be reinvented, to evolve. The lesson: there is always room for good evolution and change.

Beer has zero nutritional value. In fact, some medical professionals argue that it’s actually bad for you. But, for a variety of reasons, people like it. Maybe it’s their culture, maybe the taste, maybe the way it makes them feel. All I can say is: Sláinte!

The other lesson for today: if beer, something that is 100 percent unhealthy, can build such a following, just think what your organization (which I have to assume brings value to society in some way) could achieve.

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