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The Royal Wedding and Social Media Opportunities

Today, I can post about literally nothing other than the Royal Wedding. It’s not that the world has stopped turning or that there is no other news, but with 8,000 journalists attending the affair in England, it has become almost … Continue reading

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Sleep Well Tonight. The New White iPhone 4 is Here

I had assumed, and hoped, today would be a typically busy Thursday.  Instead, what I got was a typically busy Thursday full of incessant interruptions, aka news alerts, about what is apparently the most exciting thing to happen in the … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Uses His Strong Reputation to Earn Votes: “It’s All About the Messenger”

Donald Trump is a shark when it comes to doing business. We see it when we crowd around our TV sets to find out which person he’ll boot off this week’s episode of The Apprentice with his signature phrase, “you’re … Continue reading

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The Struggle for Balance in an Age of Smart Technology

This weekend, I had out-of-town guests visiting me here in Boston. While touring the city, my guests made ample use of their iPhones for everything from navigating the city’s often confusing streets, to finding restaurant reviews in the neighborhoods we … Continue reading

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The Week’s Reputations in Review

Let’s take a look at the week’s reputation news for… BP. Today is Earth Day, which was originally created after an oil spill, and this week also marks the one-year anniversary of the BP Gulf disaster.  In the weeks that … Continue reading

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A Toast to Triple Bottom Lines

With yesterday’s anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (watch Peter Morrissey sound off on the BP response to the crisis on last year), I felt it fitting to applaud an organization who is committed to getting things right … Continue reading

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The Boston Marathon: A Gold Standard Reputation Case Study

The Boston Marathon is a story often told by the numbers. This 115th running of the world’s oldest continuous marathon is already in the record books as the finishers set world record paces thanks to ideal weather and a welcome tail … Continue reading

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Boy-Color: Will a Controversial Ad Hurt J.Crew’s Reputation?

Like many little girls, I loved when my mom would paint my nails when I was younger. I would pick out the most outrageous color I could find and have fantastic mommy and me bonding time. Inevitably, my little brother … Continue reading

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New Rep Rap: Assessing Southwest

Morrissey & Company launched a new episode of REP RAP on YouTube today, hosted by Morrissey & Company CEO Peter Morrissey and Managing Director Jim Barbagallo. REP RAP tackles today’s tough questions on how to establish, advance and protect the valuable asset of … Continue reading

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What’s on the Horizon for BP?

Wednesday, April 20, will be the first anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf Coast. Just a week out from that infamous date, BP is holding its annual general shareholder meeting, an event which is reigniting the flames … Continue reading

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