Sleep Well Tonight. The New White iPhone 4 is Here

I had assumed, and hoped, today would be a typically busy Thursday.  Instead, what I got was a typically busy Thursday full of incessant interruptions, aka news alerts, about what is apparently the most exciting thing to happen in the consumer tech world since, well, at least since the black iPhone 4 was introduced. 

Yes, Apple’s white iPhone 4 made its debut today.  And not a moment too soon. With the Royal Wedding only hours away, Apple was sure to get its royal news out today.  

Not even Apple is about to compete with the wedding nuptials of William and Catherine.  Though, I’d be willing to bet that if Apple had to compete for air time with the Prince and Miss Catherine, the company would do ok.

As it turns out, the master brand builder was able to mobilize its global ambassadors – Apple’s customers – today and not only generated off-the-charts media coverage and awareness for the white iPhone 4, but also for the iPhone 6.  

That’s right, not the 5, but the 6.  The iPhone 5 isn’t released yet, but it’s already old news in some circles. 

Consider these headlines on the heels of today’s white iPhone 4 release, and you tell me if any consumer tech company launches products better than Apple: 

“White iPhone 4 flies off shelves in China.”  — Computerworld

 “White iPhone 4 is Here (Finally)”  — PC Magazine

 “White iPhone 4 ‘Mystique’ Could Add 1-1.5 Million Unit Sales”  — the Mac Observer

“Black out as white iPhone 4 arrives”  — The Standard

And my personal favorite:

“Forget iPhone 4 and 5.  What about iPhone 6?!”  — CNN Tech

Through fearless and relentless communication, Apples has managed to heighten demand for existing products (White iPhone 4 flies off shelves in China) while building demand for next-gen products still a couple of years away from introduction.  

“This might seem ludicrous,” wrote John Sutter of CNN, commenting on the iPhone 6 as the “new topic du second.”  But, says Sutter, “maybe it’s normal in the hyper-drive world of tech news.” 

Today, the white iPhone 4 went on sale in 28 countries.  Inventory for these shiny beauties was depleted in Beijing, on the very first day the phone went on sale there. 

There are reports that Honk Kong sold out of its supply of the white iPhone 4 in a single hour. 

Why the appeal?  I’m not sure.  You tell me.  White cars are hard to sell and used white cars are usually sold on discount. 

Not so with iPhones though.

Right now in parts of Europe, millions of Apple junkies are preparing for their first night’s sleep with their new white iPhone 4 nesting by their pillow.

Soon, Americans coast-to-coast will be doing the same.

Meanwhile, legions of Apple followers in Asia are waking up to a new day; a day made more exciting by the new white iPhone 4 they will carry proudly and broadly.

Congratulations Apple communications team.

We are not worthy.

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