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Almost Any Other “Armstrong” I’d Rather Be

How soon before Lance Armstrong’s world completely crumbles? One day, can you imagine him apologizing to the world for cheating in cycling competitions and relinquishing his seven Tour de France medals? Can you imagine him asking his fans for forgiveness … Continue reading

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Au Revoir, Mes Amis

After celebrating my last day here at Morrissy & Company with Mike & Patty’s and WAY too much Dulce de Leche ice cream, I saygoodbye with my final blog post. (tear!) I would like to thank my colleagues for teaching … Continue reading

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Stormclouds & Social Stock

Recent events have challenged our thinking on everything from social media to the cloud. Here are two headlines that have made us think, or think twice, about the most top of mind technology trends. Sony Issues Call the Cloud into … Continue reading

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Home Depot’s Q1 Profits: A Houdini-esque Act? Or Just Good Business

Home improvement retailer Home Depot recently posted Q1 numbers that would baffle most in the current dismal housing market:  net profits are up 12%, despite a drop in sales.  Today a Forbes blogger likened the growth to pulling a “Houdini.”  Home Depot … Continue reading

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Internet Wars Heat Up This Week

It’s been a big week for tech giants Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Despite Facebook’s “whisper” campaign against it, Google managed to divert positive attention to its new “Chromebook” while Microsoft garnered page one headlines with its $8.5 purchase of Skype. … Continue reading

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McDonalds: New Appearance, New Reputation

Last month McDonald’s set forth its “National Hiring Day” with the goal to hire 50,000 new employees and overturn the reputation of the dead-end McJob. But the chain’s image makeover did not end there. Not only does it have new … Continue reading

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Amex’s Great Reputation – from One Father’s Perspective

Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. Well, sorry, but this isn’t necessarily always the case.  And especially if you’re in the customer service business and your corporate reputation hinges on the quality of … Continue reading

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Locationgate: Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Today, representatives from Apple and Google are appearing before Congress to explain the use of location data in their respective mobile phone platforms (iOS and Android). This is the latest development in the ongoing ‘locationgate’ episode that began when it … Continue reading

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Peter Morrissey On MyFox Boston

Readers, Our CEO Peter Morrissey, who is also an Associate Professor of Public Relations at Boston University, commented last Friday on why the Osama bin Laden raid story kept changing in the hours and days following his death.   Listen to what … Continue reading

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Obama turns a corner and heads straight into 2012

It was an historic week in the news as President Obama vanquished the world’s leading terrorist and perhaps his 2012 Republican opponents in one fell swoop. On Saturday night, the President had his audience at the White House Correspondents Dinner … Continue reading

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