Stories Are the Single Most Powerful Weapon in a Brand’s Arsenal (video link)

Content-centered public relations turns ideas into stories and then into experiences that lead people to respond through action.  In public relations, we talk about stories as being the single most powerful weapon in a brand’s arsenal.

A successful public relations campaign serves to define a brand in ways that educate and inform markets so that the target audience(s) is motivated to act after experiencing great content.  For the target audience to act, the story must be compelling and be brought to life in content best-suited for that particular audience — eBooks, events, blog posts, white papers, news releases, etc.  And in the case of the subject of this post — video.

After watching New Hampshire Chronicle (a repeat but timeless episode) earlier this week, I was motivated to share the story of Peter Limmer and Sons.  If you’re a serious hiker, you probably are familiar with Peter’s story.  If you yearn for a pair of his custom-made boots, you’re at least 18 months away from receiving them.

Here’s the rest of the story.  If you find a better example of a compelling brand story, consciously developed or not, please share it with us.

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2 Responses to Stories Are the Single Most Powerful Weapon in a Brand’s Arsenal (video link)

  1. Chas Kielt says:

    Nice story, Jim. And I mean that in a good way. I love the escape these slice-of-life regional TV news magazine features provide me. Chronicle on WCVB Boston had beeter be on for as long as I live here. I got a kick that Peter Limmer said without one hint of pun-ness that the boot business is “hard to get a foothold in.”

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