Reputation Communications Cheers and Jeers

As usual, politicians, athletes and business leaders have given us a week full of opportunities to cheer or jeer their actions.  As a result, reputations have either advanced or have been damaged.  For some, the damage can be managed.  For others, well, not so much.

My favs for the week:

Cheers to Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick for standing up for “basic courtesy and grace” in the wake of Tim Thomas’ decision to avoid a photo opp earlier this week with the President of the U.S.  Thomas, superstar goalie for the Boston Bruins, snubbed the President and his own teammates by refusing to participate, citing political reasons, in a White House “meet and greet” for the Stanley Cup Champions earlier this week.  “He’s a phenomenal hockey player and he’s entitled to his view, but it just feels to me like we’re losing in this country basic courtesy and grace,” Patrick said during his annual State of the Commonwealth speech.  “I didn’t think much of President Bush’s policies … but I always referred to him as Mr. President. I stood when he came into the room.”

Jeers to Thomas for clouding his team’s visit to the White House.  In doing so, he reinforced his reputation as a “me first” player instead of taking a sterling opportunity to dispel that notion.  While Thomas has every right to his point of view on the federal government or on anything else, he had to have some idea of what the media fallout from his refusal would look like.  He ignored the ceremony anyway.  In doing so, Thomas put the “I” back in Team.

Jeers to Jean-Claude Mas, the founder of Poly Implants Protheses (P.I.P.), the company responsible for the manufacturing of breast implants filled with potentially harmful industrial grade silicon.  Mas has admitted his company used the unapproved silicon because it was less expensive than the approved silicon.  As a result of his poor judgment, hundreds of thousands of women around the world are at risk as the P.I.P. implants are apt to leak or rupture.

Cheers to health officials in France, German and Czech, which are recommending that the the P.I.P. implants be removed even though it has yet to be confirmed that the leaked silicon may do no greater damage than irritate body tissue or cause inflammation.  And a loud cheer to the country of Brazil which has ordered its health insurance companies to reimburse the insured for the removal of any P.I.P. implants.

Cheers to Apple for another outstanding fiscal quarter.  On Tuesday, Apple posted historical profits and revenue, sending its market cap soaring and it’s stock price to another all-time high.  The results were generated largely on the backs of iPhone and iPad sales.

Jeers to Apple for seemingly ignoring the legions of iPhone 4/4S owners who continue to be plagued by battery issues so severe that many of these devices (including mine) are rendered virtually useless.  Apple has been unusually quiet about any pending fix, and appears to be focused on the yet-to-be announced iPhone 5 and iPad 3 instead.  Halo affects also have a shelf life.

Cheers to New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco for noticing and then acting on how glum House Speaker John Boehner appeared during President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday.  In his tweet to Boehner, the football player said, “If all else seems bad in life just remember I love you kind sir.”

Jeers to Boehner for wearing a pout for pretty much the full duration of the President’s address.  While it’s clear Boehner and the President don’t play well together, as the “third in line” showing some positive energy during the State of the Union would be Boehner taking a leadership role.  C’mon Mr. Speaker.

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