One tweet, free snacks: Pretzel Crisps delivers

Emily Wienberg is currently Morrissey & Company’s PR intern. She is a senior studying public relations at Boston University.

When a company uses Twitter to give away free stuff, I’m instantly intrigued. Being a college student on a budget, I’m always looking for deals and steals online. However, what’s even better is when you don’t have to go searching and instead, the company comes to you.

My boss Jim Barbagallo tweeted that Monday, January 23 was the most depressing day of the year (studies show that this day falls on the last Monday of the last full week in January) and he received an interesting response from Pretzel Crisps:

Jim proceeded to send them Morrissey’s address and Pretzel Crisps said we would expect a delivery the next day. And they sure did deliver. Bringing about 12 bags of Pretzel Crisps, they certainly brightened our days. However, we weren’t just part of a lucky few who received hand-delivered pretzels. If you look that their Twitter feed, they’ve been responding to people’s tweets about a variety of subjects, and finding ways to give out loads of Pretzel Crisps.

Pretzel Crisps is doing two things right. First, they are generating a ton of buzz through word of mouth marketing around their brand (born in 2004, according to their website). With over 4,500 followers on Twitter and 115,000 likes on Facebook, a lot of people are talking about the yummy snacks they’ve either bought in the grocery store or sent free of charge. They even have a Pinterest board! Second, the company is making people happy. I was overly excited to hear we would be getting a special delivery of snacks, and decided to share my excitement on Twitter. And since we had so many leftover bags, I brought some home to my friends who also thoroughly enjoyed the snacks. Pretzel Crisps should keep up the great work by encouraging conversation about their treats, engaging with anyone who’d be open to free snack deliveries, and satisfying hunger needs to keep people happy.

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