12 Blogs To Start The Work Day

Many others have done it before me, so I’m doing it today:  sharing with you some of the blogs I read because I think you may find several of them interesting, as I obviously do.

The only way I can keep up with my favorite blogs and news sites is through my trusted partner — My Yahoo, the start page I have been wed to for many years.  Via RSS feeds, My Yahoo lets me add and delete blogs to and from my start page with the click of a mouse.  Though historically, once a blog or news site passes my secret, super selection process, it typically stays on My Yahoo for a very long time (often until the blogger decides to stop blogging or a news site becomes obsolete).

Now that you are in a heightened state of anticipation, I’ll unleash the list of blogs you’ll see on my start page.  Hope you’re sitting down…

Altucher Confidential-  James Altucher is managing partner at the hedge fund Formula Capital and author of five books on investing.  His recent posts include Did Obama Really Say He Wants Everyone to Go to College? and  Ask James: Cheating Spouses, Spiderman vs Batman, How to get a Job, How to Write a Novel, and More.” James’ blog is enjoying the honeymoon phase on my start page. So far, so good.

The Content Marketing Revolution - this is the blog of  Joe Pulizzi, content marketing author, speaker and strategist and founder of the Content Marketing Institute and SocialTract. His most recent post is Why Content Marketing (as a term) Is all the Rage.  If you believe in content marketing, Joe’s blog is a must read.

Presenting Yourself…And More – lots of great public speaking hints from Joyce Newman, founder of The Newman Group. Being at Your Best on a Book Tour When You’re Dead on Your Feet is Joyce’s most recent post.  Lots of useful info on speaking in public, presentations skills, etc.

TechCrunch – the well-known blog about tech start ups.  Lots and lots of posts from reporters each and every day. Several posts per hour is the norm. But if you’re a tech start up junkie, it’s a must read.

Man of the House – Here’s how this blog, or magazine, is described: Man of the House is the real man’s magazine, a guide for the jack of all trades trying to be better – at work and at home, as a father and as a husband. … (A great mag, especially if you’re a guy).   Priceless posts like 5 Essential Kitchen Tools and Know How:  Clean Gutters.

And another great “lifestyle” blog is Get Rich Slowly, which describes itself as being “devoted to sensible personal finance.” TIME named it one of the best blogs of 2011.  If  you’re an individual investor, you might take a look. The latest post is How Retailers Manipulate Consumers.  

A few others that have earned a home on my start page are Both Sides of The Table, a blog by Mark Suster, a venture capitalist;  Chris Brogan.com (Chris is a content machine and is very insightful and honest); HubSpot’s Inbound Internet Marketing Blog (their eBooks and daily posts on inbound marketing are priceless); Agency New Business, a blog by RSW/US, a professional biz dev agency;  and marketing and social media blogs such as iMediaConnection and Social Media B2B: Exploring the Impact of Social Media on B2B Companies.

I know — there are so many other worthwhile blogs to read for business and pleasure. But these are my daily reads.  There are only so many hours in a day.

Feel free to share a few of your favorites.

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  1. Thanks Jim. Humbled that you read The ANB, and to be amongst some great blogs.


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