The Fosbury Flop, Morrissey & Company’s employee blog, discusses reputation communications, current events and issues and trends affecting local, national and international business and the communications industry.

But what’s with the name?

Prior to the 1968 Olympics, athletes competing in the high jump employed a variety of techniques to clear the bar.  But Dick Fosbury changed that with what was later coined the “Fosbury Flop.”  Instead of jumping over the bar feet first, Fosbury cleared the bar backwards — and was able to reach new heights.  By rethinking an established practice, Fosbury revolutionized the high jump just as Morrissey & Company is changing reputation communications.

Morrissey & Company is a results-driven reputation communications firm dedicated to managing, advancing and protecting the reputation of its clients through public relations, integrated and digital communications services.

And who are we?  Glad you asked.

Aimee Charest

Megan Page

Peter Morrissey

Jim Barbagallo

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