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Pinterest – Passing the Buck

If you use Pinterest, a website where you can organize and share images you find online, you may have heard about its recent copyright infringement troubles. Content creators are concerned about their photos “being copied wholesale” to the site by … Continue reading

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Reputation Communications Cheers and Jeers

As usual, politicians, athletes and business leaders have given us a week full of opportunities to cheer or jeer their actions.  As a result, reputations have either advanced or have been damaged.  For some, the damage can be managed.  For … Continue reading

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Irrefutible Rules of Executive Media Training

If business and political leaders committed to listening to their media specialists before talking to the press, their interview success rate would be through the roof.  The journalist would be on the receiving end of a better interview delivered by … Continue reading

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Reputation Management Critical in Every State of Business Growth “A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the world will always keep their eyes on the spot where the crack was.” The quote is attributed to an English bishop … Continue reading

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Tablet Wars? Maybe

Apple is the undisputed king of the mobile space. Recent data suggests that, among the top players, Apple controls more than 66 percent of profits in the mobile space. As the proud owner of an Android-powered HTC Evo, this author … Continue reading

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Locationgate: Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Today, representatives from Apple and Google are appearing before Congress to explain the use of location data in their respective mobile phone platforms (iOS and Android). This is the latest development in the ongoing ‘locationgate’ episode that began when it … Continue reading

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A Business with a Healthy Reputation Runs Better; Just Ask Google

Google’s share price is well off it’s 52-week high. In fact, the company’s shares are down nearly one percent today alone. But as reputation communications specialists, we know that financial performance is only one measure of an organization’s overall reputation. … Continue reading

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Sleep Well Tonight. The New White iPhone 4 is Here

I had assumed, and hoped, today would be a typically busy Thursday.  Instead, what I got was a typically busy Thursday full of incessant interruptions, aka news alerts, about what is apparently the most exciting thing to happen in the … Continue reading

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Pinch to Zoom Is So 2010

April 6 won’t be just any Wednesday for me. It’s the day AT&T promises me a deep discount on a new smartphone. More importantly, though, it’s the day we’re helping to launch a new company, a company that makes an … Continue reading

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And now this from the Time Capsule…

When you are compiling a Top 10 list for customer service, you can put L.L. Bean at the top, according to BusinessWeek’s 2010 Customer Service Champ List. The majority of the champs are in the retail business, of course, because … Continue reading

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