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Reputation Communication Tools: The Telephone

We are living in an age of nearly limitless outlets for communications. Just in the past few years, social media has risen to become one of our primary means of communicating (particularly in the public relations world), and it has … Continue reading

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The Struggle for Balance in an Age of Smart Technology

This weekend, I had out-of-town guests visiting me here in Boston. While touring the city, my guests made ample use of their iPhones for everything from navigating the city’s often confusing streets, to finding restaurant reviews in the neighborhoods we … Continue reading

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Pinch to Zoom Is So 2010

April 6 won’t be just any Wednesday for me. It’s the day AT&T promises me a deep discount on a new smartphone. More importantly, though, it’s the day we’re helping to launch a new company, a company that makes an … Continue reading

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Pottery Barn Brings Lifestyle to Life with QR Codes

The other day I received a Pottery Barn catalog in the mail.  As usual, I started going through and bookmarking pages to note items I want, but will never actually buy, when I spied a barcode-like symbol that interupted my … Continue reading

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